a bbout meee >_<

erm hallo :D so. my name is Vivian Meat. yes tgats my real name. as of the time of writing, i just finished my freshman year at university . i am a cs major. my socialsecurity number is [redacted] and my credit card number is [redacted].

ive also been getting into music l8ly and have been listening to a lot of new artists. i will embed my current spotify playlist below this section. u can also view my spotify profile via the "find me" seciton of this website. ive been rlly enjoying the sound of yabujin's work lately. some other artists i like include the cocteau twins, fiona appl,e,,, crystal castles, snow strippers, bjork . i also like japanese city pop although i havent been lsitening to it much in recent times. if u have any music recs plzzzz share them with me!!!!! i am always itnerested in listening to new artsts :3

about this WEBSITE !!!

this is probably my 9th-ish website ive hosted on neocities? ive lost track of how many websites i have created at this point to be honest. this site rlly serves no other purpose than to be a small personal website/artistic project. a lot of the design choices for my websites are derivative of early internet/geocities sites. i think there is something to really appreciate about the gaudy and over-the-top websites of the 2000s. this website doesn't really capture that aesthetic really well, and it wasn't really my intentiion to emulate a geocities website with this particularly project; most of my earlier websites do! ;3 my particular goal with this website is to create something that is as hard to look at as possible. i aim for this website to be utterly disgusting and jarring to look at and had quite a lot of fun compiling various images together to build the graphics for this site.